Like Coming Home

The Holy Spirit Retreat Center (HSRC) is a true gem of Los Angeles that provides a peaceful and nurturing environment for creativity, connection, and community. It rests on fourteen acres in the foothills of the Santa Monica mountain range and although it’s only a few minutes from Encino, it feels miles away from the city.


The HSRC is owned and operated by the Sisters of Social Service, a group that is dedicated to improving the lives of people through service to all, regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs.

The grounds feature several meeting rooms, including a large sanctuary that is ideal for singing, flute-play, and gentle music making. The Lake Side room features wonderfully musical acoustics and panoramic views of trees behind a lovely courtyard with fountain. There are many paths to explore and picturesque spots to sit and meditate, play, and observe the natural sights and sounds.

Nurturing Your Body

HSRC_DINERSMeals are served in the dining hall, however, most choose to dine under the trees that frame the central plaza, providing just enough shade to stay comfortable while you enjoy the warm Southern California weather. The kitchen staff is happy to accommodate all types of diets. The food is nutritious and delicious with a wide variety that is sure to please everyone.



Salads are complemented by lean meat or vegetarian main dishes. Light deserts and fresh juices are available along with assorted teas and coffee. A community kitchen area is available for public use and features a refrigerator, sink, and storage for personal supplies.


Rest & Rejuvenate


Bedroom are clean and quiet, featuring two twin-size beds, dresser, closet, desk, large shower, and sink area. There are no TV’s or internet in bedrooms. Internet access is available through WI-FI in the main meeting area. Rooms are available in single and double (shared) occupancy.



Finding Your way

Address: 4316 Lanai Rd. Encino, CA

Visit the HSRC Website

From LAX (Los Angeles International Airport):

Take the Van Nuys Flyaway shuttle bus to the Van Nuys Terminal. (Cost about $7 — ATM or CC ONLY – NO CASH)

Instruction for taking the Flyaway: After exiting from the baggage claim area, find and stand under one of the GREEN signs that say “Flyaway, Buses,  Long Distance Vans.” You might have to walk to your left or right to find one. They’re in the CENTER isle.

Flyaway Stop Sign

Tip: If the airport is crowded when you arrive, some of the Flyaway buses might fill up before they get to the later terminals (6–7–8). To make sure you get a spot on the bus, walk to a lower number terminal. If you’re at terminal 8, you can walk straight to terminal 1 in about two minutes. Ask airport staff for instructions.

From the Van Nuys Flyaway, take a cab to the Holy Spirit Retreat Center. (Cost about $25)

From BUR (Burbank “Bob Hope” Airport):

Take a taxi or Uber to the HSRC. (Cost about $45)

RIDES FROM BUR or The Flyaway:

We might be able to provide rides from either the Flyaway or BUR. Check in with us about a week prior to the event to find out!