Grievance Policy

Participants of continuing education courses and programs have the right to file a grievance with the Provider.

A grievance may be filed for various aspects of the Provider’s courses or programs, including but not limited to; the quality of the program, the timing or availability of the program, and the instructor’s ability to fulfill his/her obligations to the Participants.

Grievances may be filed for a course or program up to four weeks after the completion or end date. Participants may contact the Provider by email or by US mail, at Kalani Music 23705 Vanowen st. #177, West Hills, CA 91307. All communication will commence in writing, either by email or US mail. Senders assume full responsibility for the confirmed delivery of all communications.

Should the parties reach a resolution at any time, the grievance process will be considered closed, otherwise, it will continue until the grievance process is exhausted.

  1. Provider will respond to the Participant’s grievance and offer solutions within a two-week period following receipt of grievance. (Proposal #1)
  2. Participant will respond to proposed solution(s) within two weeks of receipt. Failure to respond within the timeframe results in closure.
  3. Provider will respond with proposed solutions within two weeks of receipt. (Proposal #2)
  4. If a solution is not reached within two weeks of receipt of the second proposal, the Participant, at his/her discretion, may appeal to the CBMT’s Continuing Education Committee for assistance.


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