How the Flute Changes Lives

-- Kalani Das, August 28, 2014

What is a quality of a true friend? Many would say it’s the ability to listen – to really listen.

Listening, in many ways, is a key to enjoying life to the fullest. Listening is part of paying attention to what is happening, both inside and outside – and it’s one way that we find “where we are” in the world.

As a musician, I feel so blessed to have a history of developing my capacity for listening and hearing through the noise. So often in life, we need to be able to hear through the noise and focus on what really maters. Playing and practicing music helps us develop this skill.

To become a better listener, is in many ways, to become better at appreciating life. We can immerse ourselves in all types of experiences, but if we are not fully present and able to sense all that is happening around us, we’re missing out. We might be living more in our own heads than in the world that is constantly unfolding and changing around us.

If you believe that listening is important, watch this video. I hope it inspires you to take time each day and work on becoming a better listener. It’s a wonderful gift to give yourself and others.